Nanny application:

Please read through this thoroughly BEFORE filling out the application.

1. Read all questions thoroughly and answer carefully, if you are missing information your application may be rejected
2. We require all applicants to communicate in a timely matter and make this job a priority
3. Please type your reference names and emails directly into the application even if you have already provided them to us another way
4. You must meet our eligibility requirements in order to be considered for employment, If you do not, please DO NOT complete the application

Eligibility Requirements:

  • 3+ years professional paid childcare experience (friends and relatives do not count)

  • Current CPR & First Aid Certification (or willing to get BEFORE hire)

  • Trustline Certified (or willing to get upon hire within 30 days)

  • 2 verifiable childcare references

  • Eligible to work in the United States

  • Willing to commit to the company for 6 months

  • Available 3-5 days per week for work

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Mailing Address:
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What is your birthday?
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Company Processes and Terms
Before completing our application, please read through our terms to make sure our company will be a good fit for you.
1. All Joanna's Nannies nannies are employees of the company and paid hourly based on the number of hours you work each week. We pay an overtime rate of 1.5 times for working more than 8 hours in a day or 40 in a week. We pay a double time rate if you work more than 12 hours in a day. Nannies will be paid weekly via direct deposit. Your rate will depend on your level of experience, training, and market location, but all nannies will be offered at least $16/hour with opportunities for raises based on performance and longevity with the company. 2. We require our nannies to enter their availability in our scheduling software, When I Work and keep it up to date at all times. You must have your availability in the schedule for the next 2 weeks at any given time. You will be booked for jobs based on your availability. We will also send out jobs that you can take on your own via Workchat and open shift within the software. You are required to check on this regularly. 3. We require you to communicate with us efficiently and respond to text messages or emails from the company in a timely manner (24 hours for text messages and 48 hours for emails). If you will be away from your phone or email, you are required to alert us ahead of time. 4. The entire company operates paper-free, online and via your smart phone. Nannies must be somewhat tech savvy and able to complete our hiring packet and paperwork online as well as operate the scheduling software from their phone. 5. Nannies must commit to working for Joanna's Nannies a minimum of 20 hours per month (ideally more often) and must be willing to commit to working for us for at least 6 months (ideally longer). 6. Nannies must have reliable transportation to the jobs (Your own car is required in most locations). 7. Nannies must complete CPR and First Aid Training at their own expense. California nannies must complete Trustline at their own expense. 8. Cancellations and infractions will be tracked and could result in termination if it is happening regularly.
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General Information:
What region are you applying for and/or live in?
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Childcare Reference #1
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Childcare Reference #2
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Are you Trustline Certified? *
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(at your own expense)
(at your own expense)
Do you have a reliable vehicle that is insured and registered? *
(A vehicle is not required for San Francisco if you can make it to shifts via public transportation.)
Profile Questionnaire and Preferences
What is your preference working with pets?
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What is your swimming skill level? *
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Do you feel comfortable giving baths to children? *
Do you feel comfortable cooking simple meals for children? *
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Childcare Profile
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What age groups have your worked with on a regular basis and feel comfortable working with?
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