Best Products for Traveling with Young Children


 Have you ever traveled with a young child (or a couple young children)? Then I am sure you know how much of a hassle it can sometimes be. Not only do you have to remember your own stuff but all the stuff for your kids (and probably extras in case of messes). What about all the big things like high chair, swing, play gym, crib? You can lug your own or some tourist destinations have rental services where you can just rent it all there. I do recommend renting but if you destination doesn't have that service or you want to have your own stuff, below are some of the best travel items I have come across. I just discovered Ciao! Baby's portable high chair this week but I think it is a great product. Good for eating, playing or just a safe place to have your child hang out in while you cook, clean up or hang out. It works for a variety of ages and folds up into a small camping chair type bag!  Great for indoors or outdoors and easy to use.Here is a link to their website:  This is by far my favorite travel crib/pack and play. It is lightweight, easy to set up and much easier to maneuver than some other ones I have used.Watch the video and learn more here: Finally, I think it is always good to have a great carrier. It is nice to have your arms free but still be able to be close to your baby. It also makes it easier to carry things, fit in small spaces or crowded tourists areas without having to worry about a clunky stroller. There are many great carriers out there, and a lot of it is about personal preference.My favorite is the ergo carrier; comes in lots of different designs and colors, has a newborn insert and puts the weight  spread out on your waste and shoulders instead of all on your shoulders (makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time!).Check it out here: