Postpartum Doulas & Newborn Care Specialists

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What are Postpartum Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists?

A postpartum doula is a woman who assists a new mother, baby, and the rest of the family within the first few weeks after birth. ( 

A doula is a trained person without an emotional attachment to the family, offering supportive services in an unbiased, nonjudgmental way. A doula provides physical, educational and emotional support. (

Newborn Care Specialists assist with “feeding, nutrition, breastfeeding, managing multiples, special consideration for premature infants, sleep and sleep conditioning, issues and ailments, and the care of a postpartum mother” (

Your Postpartum Doula or Newborn Care Specialist will come to your home and serve your family in whatever way is most beneficial for you!  We are here to assist with anything from caring for the baby, teaching you about your newborn or assisting with household chores to give you a chance to rest. Each provider has experience supporting breastfeeding mothers and has received professional training as either Postpartum Doula, Newborn Care Specialist or both. At Joanna’s Nannies we specialize in temporary Postpartum Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists for both daytime and overnight care.

Services Include

Breastfeeding Support
Assistance with Multiples
Newborn Care Education
Emotional Support
Light Housekeeping
Errands & Meal Prep
Overnight Care
Temporary Help

Daytime Care: 

At Joanna’s Nannies we understand that being able to accomplish the tasks of the day can be a challenge with a new baby.  That’s why our Postpartum Doulas (doulas) and Newborn Care Specialists (NCS) are here to lend a hand while helping parents and caregivers learn about newborn care. They are also able to accompany you to appointments or outings to provide assistance and support as your baby continues to grow and develop. Our doula and NCS staff is here to watch the baby or babies so you can take a much needed break knowing that your baby will be expertly cared for. We also understand how tough it can be to transition a new member into the family which is why our care providers can also assist with older siblings and the transition of having a new baby or babies. Some of our doulas/NCS will assist with light housekeeping, meal preparation or running errands so you can focus on your baby without the worries or distractions of everyday life.

Overnight Care: 

Sleep is important to all of us but it is exceptionally valuable in the weeks and months after bringing home a newborn. During overnight care, your Postpartum Doula (doula) or Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) will attend to baby throughout the night and when baby wakes to eat she will bring the baby to mom to nurse (or feed a bottle if you prefer). After feeding is complete, your doula or ncs will burp and change baby before soothing them back to sleep so you can get the most rest possible. Most of our care providers are happy to help with quiet household tasks such as folding a load of laundry or preparing and cleaning bottles while the baby sleeps. Your doula or NCS will often rest while your baby sleeps but is ready to provide immediate care when your baby wakes.

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